EVO 2015 UMVC3 KaneBlueRiver Champ!

This was taken back in 2013 

This was taken back in 2013 

 Big shout out to KaneBlueRiver, the new UMVC3 EVO 2015 Champion! He plays such a great team Hulk, Haggar, and Sentinel! It all came down to RayRay and KaneBlueRiver and while I would have loved it if an American took the game I have to hand it to KBR. The team he uses is so difficult to master but the fact that HE MADE HULK A BEAST is more of an accomplishment! When I use to play MVC and MVC2 I loved playing Hulk but in those games Hulk was always a low tier character. It was almost impossible to win with that character, so for KBR to win EVO with Hulk is a big win for Hulk players everywhere! 

The Purple Onion

I"m very excited to announce our film, directed by Matthew Szymanowski The Purple Onion is having its world premiere at the New York Asian American International Film Festival. I'm so excited about this because Matt and I worked on this film since 2011 and finally people are going to see all the hard work we put into this movie.

The Asian American International Film Festival is one of the oldest and longest running film festival in the Northern America.  I'm so grateful for them to let us screen film at their prestigious festival.