EVO 2013 - Recap


Finally got back from EVO 2013 and I had a blast! While I didn't compete, I did have a great time watching all the pro go at it and lost my voice screaming from all the hype. Also, I took my girlfriend to the tournament AND let me give you some advice: To the men, who are fortunate to have girlfriends and play video games seriously, DON'T BRING YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO A VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT. There was nothing for her to do and I can totally understand. If I was a girl, why would I want to watch grassy guys play video games and ignore me? My girl feel asleep at semi -finals of umvc3 and that annoyed the hell out of me but I digress.

I got to meet a ton of my favorite plays including Mike Ross, Clockwork, Justin Wong, Yipes, Combofiend, Gootecks, Maximilian and Daigo!!!!

Most of the top level competitors were concentrating on the tournament so I didn't want to take too much of their time. But  boy did I feel like a kid at DisneyLand

All my  friends know that I loves MVC2. I tried to reference it in my stand up (unsuccessfully). So I was more than excited to watch UMVC3's top 8. All I have to say is FUCK YEAH! It was so great to watch my heart was pumping - I wanted JWong to win so bad but Flocker totally deserved to take the gold.

A huge shout out to Xian who got first place with Gen, (of all characters) and the whole FGC