Marvel's Customer Service SUCK


I'm a little ashamed to admit how upset I'm about this.  I recently bought a Digital Comic.  I love Digital Comics because I care about the environment and all that Liberal San Francisco stuff . But when I bought the comic, it wouldn't work on my browser. All I got was this.


When I contacted customer service, they not only took forever to reply, but sent me a link to the main page. Its very insulting. Did she even read my email?  Its only three sentences - Teresa.

First of all,  I didn't leave feed back - but I will now. 

Second, I DO have a question, which is why I contacted you in the first place. Its so redundant!

"if you have any questions please email us at"

What do you think I'm doing now?

We look forward to being of service to you in the future and hope you will visit us again soon.  
Teresa Support

What a bunch of corporate fluff. "Sincerely?" Really? There is nothing sincere about your response. I'm a person you ass hole!

Writing this article makes me feel like a child, trying to get the attention of a belittling mother -  "oh dear you have issues? why don't you go outside and play?"