LA - Adventures

I"m starting an online journal of all the things that are happening to me as I live here in LA. I think it'll be a fun way to track my progress in obtaining my goals. Is this project a little narcissistic? Yes, yes it is. But hey - it could still be fun!

Other than my comedy career, there is another reason I moved away from San Francisco. Heres' Why:

Imagine This - there's a tribe of people living in the forest - away from the corruption of modern life. A young teenager, around 16-18, says farewell to his family and friends as he walks into the wilderness to hunt a dangerous pre-historic boar all by himself. 

Weeks go by and there is no word from him. The tribes people begin to worried. When finally, the teen walks triumphantly back into the tribe with the carcass of a slain Boar over his shoulder.

The tribe cheers with joy! And they have a feast in his honor. And this person is no longer a teenager but - a badass MAN.

What does this have to do with me you ask? Well - I'm that teenager but instead of moving out of state for college I stayed living in SF, when I should have been living on my own making mistakes. I never killed a Boar, I never had that awesome feast and instead of becoming a man I stayed a child - Fucking A.


I"m part of an epidemic called: A ManChild Syndrome - A physically mature man with the mind and behavior of an adolescent. 

It's a scary thing. There are lots of guys like me out there. And I see the future, if I don't do anything about my situation quickly, I'll end up being overweight, video game addicted, porn addicted, stinky, un-groomed misogynist, with a small world-view and I'll be trapped. Not only mentally but physically. I'll still be living with my Mother because I don't know how to provide for myself. I'll be uploading angry reviews about pop culture products on youtube. And girls won't want to do anything with me because I'll make-up excuse like, "girls are so vain these days" or "girls just don't get me." When the truth is - I'm gross and I leech off people around me. 

That's not going to be me!  I'll do everything in my power to avoid that scenario. 

Now I'm making up for lost time. Since our ancestors moved out of the forrest, how do you plan on killing your Boar? - Actually I don't really know...

I guess you say moving out of the house is like going into the forrest and becoming financially stable is like killing a Boar. So, yeah thats why I moved away from home. But I don't plan to live in LA forever. When I do come back to San Francisco, I'll be a fully functioning adult. So please enjoy and join me in my journey towards adulthood, where I'll talk about my stand up comedy, film making, personal development, and the everyday struggle.

Welcome to LA - Adventures.


Enjoy this montage I found online with Gamer Nerd Rage: