Will Hatcher

Will Hatcher is an up and coming stand-up comedian.  I first had the pleasure of meeting him at the San Francisco Punchline, where I found out he was one of the Rooftop Talent Institute interns.  If there were one word to describe him, it would be: hilarious!  This guy got me laughing so hard that people started looking at me weird.  His material can easily offend while entertains audiences.  However, his delivery and like-ability on stage makes it easier for his audiences to except his blue material.  Hatcher is just too funny.
Recently, Hatcher asked me to participate in his music video parody of Best You Ever Had.  Hatcher plays Yung Dick, an ignorant hardcore gangster rapper, who doesn’t know his lyrics are ambiguously gay.  I had a lot of fun making this video and wish him the best of luck. You will notice I am the token Asian guy in an all black gang.