AVN Awards @ Las Vegas

2010 has been a pretty damn good year so far.  My friend James and I traveled to “The City of Lights”, Las Vegas, to see the AVN Award Show and Porn Convention (not that I’m into that type of stuff).  It was such a crazy weekend.  I met a lot of porn stars and industry duche bags.


We were staying at the Golden Nugget, where I lost $40 bucks at Black Jack.  I hate gambling because every time someone has a story about gambling it always starts out with: “Man I was up by (insert amount), but I lost it all and now I’m broke.”  We arrived too early and could not check in, so I was bumming it with James around the Casino looking for a place to sleep; it was 4 o’clock in the morning! We had nowhere to go.

When we finally got to our rooms I knocked out hard. At night James and I got hammered--nothing but drinking, girls, drinking and more drinking. I met some cool people at the clubs too; one guy let met dance with this girlfriend.  Not sure what his intentions were, but I did it anyways.  James and I were so wasted that we did not even check out on time.

We shot some footage of the porn convention so stay tuned!


I met my double in Vegas. We are even wearing the same fabric shirt!