China Care Bruins

I just got back from UCLA after sharing the stage with the great Cameron Hovsepian and youtube sensations Paul Dateh and Ken Belcher. They were incredibly talented and I was sad to leave them. Camerons soulful voice relaxed the audience, while Dath and Belcher's energetic performance set the roof on fire. Only two words can describe their music - DAMN SEXY!   While I was on campus, I picked up this cool book called, The Memory Bible. My close friends and family know I have a terrible memory and lately it’s been getting kinda scary. I forgot where I parked my car and spent several hours walking around looking for it. Hopefully this book will give me some tips for better organization and memory skills; my mid year’s resolution – remember people’s names!

Big shout out to my new buddies, Catherine,  Eric and all the people at China Care Bruins!

Please check out their website

Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher

Cameron Hovsepian