Marc Maron WTF, Google Voice, New Jokes

 I'm pretty sure you guys already have heard of Marc Maron's podcast, WTF, but if you haven't let me tell you something - it is BOMB!

I love it. Wasted two whole days listening to it. If you are as big a comedy fan as I am, I'm sure you will appreciate everything he is doing. Check out the website and podcast

Google Voice

On another note I've been secretly testing the new Google Voice application on my website. Please check out the, Call Me, section of my site. The application makes it possable call someone on the Internet with a click of a button. I won't pick up but leave a message. If it's funny or something I'll put it on my website.

Here is a link to the page: CALL-ME

New Jokes

I'm starting a new series called, New Jokes. I'm trying to tape all my new jokes so I can see my progress as I build my act.

A couple people have told me they can't understand the last words I said before it faded out.  If anyone can get it right I'll send you an Edwin Li Button!

Thursday with Edwin & Dayrus

Episode two is up with our special guest, Jesse Fernandez; I'm working with him on several sketches right now and we were just shooting the shit on camera.



As you might have already heard, eight Hong Kong Tourist were killed during a terrible hostage situation in Manila. My heart goes out to those people - let's pray for them.