2011 - Greatest Year Ever?

Wow, has it been a year already?
Man, I had a blast! Seriously, this has been the best year of my young adult life.
Well I'm ready for the world to end - who's with me

Here are my greatest accomplishment this year!

1. Made some awesome friends while working at Rooftop Media
2. Got professional help for my dyslexia.
3.  Found funding for my upcoming movie, Purple Onion
4. Created 20 new minutes of stand up comedy
5. Saw a dermatologist about my acne.
6. Became an Uncle
7. Created a great website (I love you guys)
8. Wrote up a bunch of sketches and late night jokes
9. Learn how to play the MPC (beat machine)
10. Got a real job.

What is yours?

The Amazing Sunset Crew

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New Jokes

It was Halloween last week and people in San Francisco are still wearing Black and Orange - Giants forever!

Guess what I was for Halloween this year.

On a side note I recently got an internship which makes it really hard for me to update regularly but I'll try my best to at least update twice a month. Stay tune everyone, I have some good shit in the works 

Peace, Love and Respect!